Your Audition Prep Work 


How much time should I spend preparing to tape my two line audition?

A) As little time as possible. Time is money.

B) As much time as I might spend prepping a three page side.

C) My preparation or “homework” time needs to be exhaustive.

D) Who cares? Cover ALL details, whatever it takes.

E) B, C and D.

Answer: E.

It is way too easy for us to underestimate the needs of the five and under side. Be certain that the prep process is complete for every audition.

There is no substitute for actually doing the “homework” needed to prepare a role regardless of the size. You break the script down, choose objectives, fully flesh out the given circumstances, both provided and those you can create. Again, lucky you, go crazy! Fill in every blank imaginable and then some.

You do all of this work, so that, wait for it, you can throw it away. Well, not literally. You do all the work, so that you arrive on set or land in front of the camera at a taping service, and you go for it. Fully committed, fully prepared, ready to manage any curve ball that comes your way, and you knock it out of the park!