If you are being brought in for a callback, then you are already liked. Big win for you!


Now, the director, etc. need to know that you are as good as what we saw on tape. Ninety percent or more of directors want to be sure that you are directable. What does that mean? It essentially means that you can change it up. You have the ability to play a scene in vastly different ways.

For instance: you perform the scene, and then you are asked to try something else. The first round, you berate someone, and now you need to seduce them. No matter how ridiculous it may seem to the scene/text, it is crucial for you to show us your acting chops.

So work on this skill set. Work out with friends; choose scenes and draw from random actions. Make crazy choices. So when you arrive at the callback, come in the room prepared to be given an adjustment. Apply it specifically, with urgency and intention. Show us what you’ve got.