SPOTLIGHT ON: Chez Studios

Contributor: Kyle A. Nichols

1) What makes your studio a stand out in Atlanta?

Under the direction of three-time Emmy nominated Casting Director, Shay Bentley-Griffin, CSA, Chez Studio is a multi-faceted company offering full service casting to the television and film industry, a variety of training and workshop programs for new and experienced talent, and a production house whose goal is to foster and produce professional content created in the Southeast.

2) What services do you offer clients?

Chez Studios is a full service casting,training and production company. Committed to finding the best talent for feature films and television, Chez Casting, Inc. has cast over 250 projects in over 30 years. Our training program is founded on the belief that it is necessary to have a strong talent pool available to the film makers working in the Southeast. A quality environment has been developed to offer both experienced actors and beginning actors a place to work on their craft with some of the industry's most experienced and credible professionals. Also, Chez Studio is working to develop projects created by professionals from this market that will be produced and filmed in the Southeast.

3) What will I learn from you?

Our class offerings range in a variety of subjects such as, auditioning techniques for film and television, improv workshops, self taping workshops, scene work study workshops and more. We want actors to finish each program coming away stronger, confident and passionate for their craft. We understand each actor brings something unique, and we want to help them discover what that is and bring it to each audition, scene and performance.

4) How long have you been operating?

Chez Studios is the premiere Actors Studio in Atlanta Georgia.  We have been bringing the best talent to the southeast for over 20 years.  Our goal continues to be education for those serious about the craft of acting.

5) How do I find you?

We have multiple ways to connect with us! The easiest way to stay in the loop on upcoming workshops and events is to sign up in our website, and fill out your information on the contact page! You can also find Chez Studios on Facebook! Chez Casting can also be found on our new website, and on twitter @ChezCasting for updates on casting projects and to see what the casting team is up to!

6) What’s near you? (a park, a bar/restaurant, a monument--fill us in)

Our studio is located at the beautiful Goat Farm Art Center in West Midtown Atlanta. The property has been used on multiple film and television sets, and you will often see production crews working on the property. The Warhorse is a complimentary coffee and tea shop on the property with plenty of seating to relax before or after an audition or workshop. The Goat Farm Art Center is a hub for artists of all backgrounds; we would love for you to come see our beautiful space we call home to Chez Studios!