1) What makes your studio a stand out in Atlanta?

Simply put: our track record, first and foremost. Actors from the studio literally book just about every film or TV show that comes through Atlanta and many have also worked at the top theaters in town.  We are the only studio with a Meisner based program taught by an instructor with about 17 years of teaching experience. We also offer Strasberg based training (with Jayson Warner Smith of The Walking Dead), and we were the first school to offer Viewpoints Physical training on a regular basis, as well as vocal training.  The Tim Phillips Studio from L.A. and NYC is now with us, offering a fantastic on camera audition technique class unlike any class in Atlanta and Clayton Landey and Eliana Marianes teach a combo Viewpoints and Adler based scene study class that you can only find here.

Our teachers love to teach and have to have a passion for it. They simply cannot just be actors who teach for extra cash - they have to be dedicated to the growth of every single actor that walks through our doors. We don’t teach B.S. and we don’t tolerate it. You have to be serious about the work to train here.

2) What services do you offer clients?

Outside of acting classes, we have an in house audition taping service, audition coaching (primarily with master instructor Tim Phillips), physical and vocal classes for the actor and recently we added a “pay what you can” yoga class.  

3) What will I learn from you?


That the best thing you can bring to any role is yourself. That acting is an art form. That our work is incredibly important. That training matters and is the difference between a couple small speaking parts and a long term career.

4) How long have you been operating?

In Atlanta, about 7 years. Before that, L.A. and Chicago for another 8 or so.

5) How do I find you?

6) What’s near you? (a park, a bar/restaurant, a monument--fill us in)

The greatest strip of ethnic food in Atlanta - Buford Highway. We are also very close to Third Rail Studios and some great Karaoke joints!