If you are an actor living and working in the SE, then you should know the shows and features that are being filmed here. Do your research. Not only should you be aware of the shoot calendar, but you also need to know about the shows. Even if the content is something you don’t like, you still need to watch, even one episode, so you know the genre and the feel of it.

This knowledge will inform everything from what you wear to how you prepare the side. I am by no means advocating that you put on a lab coat and a stethoscope to play the doctor. But if you are reading for an attorney, do not wear your favorite 80’s hair band t-shirt. Wear a collared shirt and look professional. Make smart choices.

Recently, an actor told me about going into the room for a callback, and he only realized later that he was auditioning for one of the leads of the show who was also directing that particular episode. That is relevant information to know in advance and in the room. Yes, it may make you more nervous to know who is in the room, but you need to learn how to control that and show due respect when auditioning.

So start with really easy internet searches for the networks, shows and studios. Go from there and binge a few series. It will help, I promise.