SPOTLIGHT ON: arvold.casting

Contributor: Erica Arvold

1) What makes your studio a stand out in Atlanta?

We have three passions: casting, production, and education. Our casting team enjoys working with a variety of productions and collaborating with writers and directors. We love the opportunity to audition actors in person, helping them to do their best work to fulfill the project’s needs. Our production department acts as the glue that holds projects (large and small) together, filling in gaps and supporting the creative vision start to finish. Our education branch has two divisions. We have developed an Actor Training core curriculum and offer master intensives for serious actors developing their craft. Our Performance for Professionals classes share techniques used in actor training with organizations, businesses and individuals.


2) What services do you offer clients?

Casting, production, and education. Our unique array of experiences across these three specialties informs our approach to the industry. Our casting knowledge makes us better producers and our production knowledge makes us better casting directors, etc. We are collaborators at heart. We love what we do and have fun doing it.

3) What will I learn from you?

Hopefully something besides casting, production and education. Seriously. We are curious about life, about art and about how we can support one another along our creative paths.

4) How long have you been operating?

Nearly three decades (from Chicago to Los Angeles to New York to Charlottesville, VA and now our new Atlanta, GA location).

5) How do I find you?

Visit our website and you can hear us chatter away on our arvold. YouTube channel.

6) What’s near you? (a park, a bar/restaurant, a monument--fill us in)

Beautiful Piedmont Park and the High Museum. Both bring us such joy!