Be sure any clips you have up on Actors Access, Casting Networks, etc. are labeled. Keep it specific and brief.

Examples: Funny Girl Falls for Cute Co-Worker or Dramatic Attorney Closing Argument. If casting wants to see more of you, they can immediately locate the genre. This makes their job easier, and whatever you can do to be on the spot with your information, the better.

Also keep it streamlined, every clip you have does not need to be up on the sites. We do not equate your ability to act with the number of clips listed on a casting site. Choose the ones that are most recognizable and be certain they show what you can do. Range is important, and it is better to have varied clips rather than just one type. This point is especially true in our SE market as every actor needs to show the full breadth of the their work.

Yes, know your brand, but also know how far you can roam outside of that box.