Attention to detail and specificity may be the MOST important principle that I teach, and yet it may also be the most underrated. Often new students to acting have a difficult time understanding its importance, while seasoned performers may disregard or push it to the side. But I don’t think I have ever told an actor that they gave too much to the preparation or to filling in all of the blanks for the character. I have never said, “Well, you just made that choice too specific!”

If you feel that in life you do not give enough time to the little details, then challenge yourself now. Start pausing, maybe just two times a day at first, to recognize some small thing in your life. It may be just how tasty that first sip of Starbucks coffee is on a cold morning or the way the afternoon light hits a picture in your room. Hold on to those and reflect on them once or twice again. Over time, you may increase the number of moments where you stop and take things in.

This exercise will help you to find those specific details in your acting as well.