"One of my best moves is to surround myself with friends who, instead of asking, 'Why?' are quick to say, 'Why not?' That attitude is contagious." -Oprah Winfrey

Surround yourself with positive energy and be sure that the friends who are a part of your circle are helping to lift you up and support your work. Choose them carefully.

All of us have at some point been in relationships with individuals who are both negative influences on themselves and others. You know who they are, so keep them in your outer circle. Be sure those who are part of the inner circle are lifting you up and providing the encouragement that you need, both for your creative self and in your life across the board.

Look to challenge yourself with the “Try it and see what happens,” rather than the “I don’t know; what if I fail?”

At times, we may be afraid to take the plunge.  But today, give free falling a try and know you have the support you need on the other side.