I have a confession.

I like to control things; the big things and the small in life. I don’t think that I’m alone. Most of us like to have some control. Here’s the really super tough part about this business.There are limits to what you can control. I know, it stinks. I find that sometimes it helps to acknowledge it, and now we will move on.

Focus on what you can control.

You can walk into 2018 organized, with all casting sites 100 percent updated, registered for your next class, reading a new book and ready to attend new networking events. Even if it’s a cold winter night, get out there to that social occasion where you can meet someone new. Or maybe you reach out to a friend that you have lost touch with, but they are connected in an area of the industry where you are not. Offer to buy an actor new to the city a coffee and pick their brains about acting approaches.

Remember: there are things you can control in this crazy industry, you just need to adjust your lens and gently place you focus on them.

Happy New Year! Let’s make 2018 brilliant!