SPOTLIGHT ON: Atlanta Models & Talent


1. How long have you been in business?

Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc. is the oldest agency in the southeast and has been representing talent since 1959. Since its inception, AMT has been purchased and lead by a few different industry professionals (Beverly Needle Copen, the first ever film representative in office under Jimmy Carter, Edith Ivey, actress and renowned acting teacher, and Kathy Hardegree, the first ever GA agent honored with the SAG Agent of the Month award) but never stopped growing as an agency and evolving with the work that has found its way to this region.

Sarah Carpenter, the current owner, continues that tradition with her staff of agents and associates, consistently booking talent in almost all productions that shoot in the southeast.

2. What makes you unique as an agency?

Besides our deep-rooted history, what makes AMT unique is our hard-work, dedication, and support for actors in Georgia and beyond. We’re not interested in waiting around for casting directors – AMT agents and associates work effectively and efficiently to give our clients the best, most realistic opportunities. Every step of the way, from submission to booking, our clients and their unique skills, materials, credits, and connections are utilized to allow them to stand out to casting and eventually, be the undeniable choice for casting/producers when the time comes to fill that role. Ultimately, AMT's goal is to continue to show other markets how competitive Atlanta actors can be.


3. What do you look for in an actor who is seeking representation with you?

As the market continues to grow and as more and more actors begin to move to Atlanta to take advantage of that, AMT has definitely become more selective with who we consider adding to our roster. In potential clients, we look for actors/models who have unique looks or skills, while considering the looks and skills of clients we already represent. Finally, we prefer representing clients who are solidly based in the southeast area.

4. What is your best piece of advice for actors working in the SE?

Focus your energy right here, right now in the booming southeast market.  While competition is rapidly growing, it's a mere fraction to that of the larger markets, such as NY or LA. There are several realistic opportunities to land paid work as a an actor in the southeast, and to build a reputable resume while expanding the network of "who knows YOU."  Those who want it bad enough, through education, talent, and persistence, are destined to do well here. 

5. Share a success story with us. Keep in mind it can be for you as an agent or specific to a client and their journey.

An AMT client who was still quite new to the market at the time got an audition for an unnamed, 2-line co-star role for a popular series. The actor submitted an incredibly grounded and real audition, and booked the role right off tape. Next thing you know, the co-star role is recurring, has a full name in the credits, and a whole story arc opposite the leads in the network TV show. Long story short, even the smallest roles can launch a career and you'll never know, unless you audition! 

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