Jacob Lawson Weighs In

1.) What makes you unique as an agency?

I think the agencies in Atlanta have a lot more in common than we have differences. We are all working to raise the standard of the Atlanta and Southeast market as a whole to be on par with what is going on in the traditional powerhouses of New York and LA. Maybe one thing that makes PT a bit different is the competitive nature that Corey and I bring to the business. We've both been training and competing from a very young age and I think bringing that mentality to running an agency has worked in our favor.

2.) How long have you been in business?

We've been in business just over 5 years.


3.) What do you look for in an actor who is seeking representation with you?

With our roster being relatively small, we are always looking to add where we feel like we have a deficit on our roster. It is much easier for someone 50+ to gain traction when seeking representation with us than it would be for someone who is, say, in their 20s. Having a unique skill set such as weapons training or speaking multiple languages never hurts either. Being a strong, smart, well trained actor is always the most important thing however so get in class!

4.) What is your best piece of advice for actors working in the SE?

Treat this like a business and not a hobby. Find a way to work on it every day. Get in class, network, create your own content if you have no other outlet.

5.)  Share a success story with us. Keep in mind it can be for you as an agent or specific to a client and their journey.

It always feels good to get someone their first booking, particularly when that person is struggling financially. I will never forget we had a guy who hustles harder than just about anyone else we work with; he never makes excuses, always shows up when being in person is an option. This guy had a callback for SAG commercial in North Carolina and on the way his car broke down. He ended up walking in the rain to get to a bus station to make the rest of the trip. Making the call to let him know he booked was soul-filling, that sort of thing sticks with you.

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