SPOTLIGHT ON: J Pervis Talent Agency


Joy Pervis Weighs In

1. What makes you unique as an agency?

The energy and drive of our JPTA Team.  Each of our agents have their own diverse strengths, and egos are not allowed in our work space.  Most importantly, we continue to adjust and grow with our ever-changing industry. The landscape of our business looks completely different than what it looked like even 5 years ago. Our long-term relationships (over 25 years) in the Los Angeles market have allowed us to grown our clients and expand beyond the regional mindset.

2. How long have you been in business?

We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary in 2017!

3. What do you look for in an actor who is seeking representation with you?

Other than kids and young teens (who do not need heavy resumes and reels to book), our aim is to continue filling our roster with working actors who have solid credits. Through referrals or showcases, we may sign a person who is “new to the business” with a unique look or natural talent based on their personality, drive, charisma, and likability. We give them the opportunity to grow on our roster IF they demonstrate good work ethics, dependability, remain dedicated to advancing their skills through ongoing training, and after a growth period begin to receive call-backs which ultimately turn into bookings.

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4. What is your best piece of advice for actors working in the SE?

Learn to accept criticism and build on it. Agents are not here to stroke you and tell you how fabulous you are. A good agent will be 100 percent transparent with you and give you the advice and sometimes criticism needed to advance your career. This is a competitive industry. SE actors have to work over-time to compete with seasoned LA actors who are competing for the same roles. Being an actor is your profession and you are the product. Your job is to make YOU (the product) as alluring as possible to your buyer (CD/Director/Producer/Network/Studio). Allow your agent and coach to act as your “focus group” giving you the tips and advice to perfect and grow your brand. Be open-minded and enjoy the journey of becoming a viable long-term product versus a short-term product that fizzles out quickly.  

5. Share a success story with us. Keep in mind it can be for you as an agent or specific to a client and their journey.  

Our success stories have come from the smallest bookings to the largest bookings. From the newbie actor to the most seasoned actor.  But if we had to say just one, it would be the story of a collective group of actors who have worked years in this business, attended too many auditions, callbacks, producer sessions to count but just couldn’t book it. After accepting that final audition just before they walked away from the business to “take a break,” they are told they booked the one that launched their career… You know who you are! This is a tough business. It is easy to get discouraged and give up. Rarely are success stories created over-night. In fact, it is the overnight sensations that have been working on their craft for many years before they make it big. If you really want it, you have to be 100 percent committed.

Stay motivated, stay positive, and never give up!

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