By Melodi Erdogan

There's always room to grow when it comes to acting. No matter your experience, your resume, or your network. The bottom line is, you'll book gigs if you're talented. So continue to work on your craft, including in ways you haven't before. Try improv if you haven't already; register for an intense Meisner class. Step outside your comfort zone, and remember, even A-list actors still train. There's no end to learning and growing.

Remember It's Still Business

When you signed up to become an actor, you were probably mostly thinking about the awesome scripts, the acting choices, and all the juicy creative awesomeness that goes into the entertainment industry. But they don't call it show business for nothing.

As necessary, remind yourself throughout this year that you're the president of your own company. Make decisions and changes as you see fit. For example, if your taping studio submitted your audition to casting with the wrong specs, it might be smart to take your business elsewhere. And although it'll be hard to turn down a friend asking you to fill a role in a play, you make the decision if want to be there or be available for TV/film gigs. In many ways, you create your own destiny.

Practice Patience

All in all, an acting career is a marathon, not a sprint. Don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself because the desperation will reflect in everything you do. Follow these guidelines to truly expand on everything you can control in your career, this year and beyond. Results will follow!