I will be auditioning actors over the next couple of weeks, and a few had reached out with questions, which made me think it might be worth it to take a minute to talk about auditions.


There is not a Casting Director out there that does not want you to walk in the room and knock it out of the park on your audition. Remember, the faster we get something cast, the happier EVERYONE is! So that means that we want you to SUCCEED! I am rooting for every actor that ever stands in front of me. In fact, I silently sit there in the seconds before someone begins an audition with fingers and toes crossed, thinking, let this actor be the one. Let this actor be the one who makes my draw drop. Let this actor be the one who brings something into the room that no one else has today.

If you’re going to let your nerves get the better of you in an audition, then you may as well stay home. Your job is to have the training and resources to know how to overcome those obstacles. Use that amazing adrenaline rush that you get when you audition to fuel you in the best of ways, not overcome you and drown your power as a performer.

Tomorrow or next week, the next time you audition, when you have that opportunity to be in a room with a Casting Director--BRING IT!

TIP TUESDAY: Pantomime/Props

Avoid pantomiming in a taped audition.

Avoid using props.

It sounds like a contradiction, but it’s not. If an actual physical thing is truly necessary, then make use of a cell, a bottle of water or sides pages. Use your imagination and endow them with whatever you need them to be.

Chances are that I will go right along with you. :)