Auditions Are The First Impression


Auditions. First impressions are important. If there is a representative or assistant in the lobby, they are not just there to help you out. They are taking notes and will pass them on to the Casting Director, Director, etc.

So if you are rude and don’t acknowledge them, that behavior does not go unnoticed. If you walk in without your sides or seem unprepared, that behavior does not go unnoticed. If you arrive late and full of excuses, yep, you guessed it, that behavior does not go unnoticed either.

Grab someone’s attention for the right reasons. Ultimately, you will be rewarded for being prepared, for being aware of others and for giving 150%.



If you receive an audition where there is a gunshot, have someone make a sound.

It does not and really should not sound like a gunshot, but you as an actor need a sound to react to in the moment. In fact, you just made your job exponentially more difficult by trying to play that you have been shot with nothing to respond to. Use a book on a table, slam a door, give me (and you) some kind of sound.



Yes, I mean literally weapons.

Do NOT use a real weapon for an audition. In fact, don’t use a toy weapon either.

A great choice is a tripod. Yes, a tripod makes an excellent shot gun. Please do not use your finger. Grab a substitution--a bottle, a flashlight, a rolled up side page. I have even seen a cell phone used successfully.

If you endow the prop and fully buy into whatever the device is, then we will likely do the same.